Merano Wine Festival, preview with ‘NATURAE ET PURAE’

In Merano, the city of flowers, the Merano Flower Festival (MFF), the South Tyrolean city’s flower festival, returns to celebrate the awakening of nature. This event will colour and perfume the South Tyrolean city from 18 to 20 June 2021, with a large market exhibition of flowers, rare plants and gardening products. Merano Flower Festival (MFF) is a meeting point for locals and a regular event for guests, in harmony with Merano’s authentic, quality, original and tradition-rich offerings.

In conjunction with the Merano Flower Festival (MFF), there will also be a preview of the Merano Wine Festival (MWF). What better occasion to celebrate the revival amidst the colours and scents of the Merano Flower Festival? Helmuth Köcher, The WineHunter and patron of the Merano WineFestival, is ready to welcome visitors, enthusiasts, producers and operators in the wine & food world of excellence on the weekend of 18-20 June to the first Preview of the 30th Merano Wine Festival Naturae et Purae.

The initiative was planned on the occasion of the third Merano Flower Festival and is organised in cooperation with the Merano Tourist Authority and 5Hats The Whynery Journal.

The Naturae et Purae event is a sensory journey through the aromas and scents of nature, a triumph of typical Italian and international flavours combined with the purity of wine, cocktails, Beer, Spirits and is addressed to a selected audience that can be accredited in the “Naturae et Purae” section of WineHunter until a maximum of 250 people per session for security reasons. The following rules will be observed: 5m² per person (producer, visitor, service staff), table length at least 5m, space between tables at least 1m, maximum 3 persons for table management, 3 visitors per table with a minimum distance of 1m between them.

The Merano Wine Festival programme

The event programme includes four distinct moments:

  • Campania Felix – Blanc de Blanc, Kurhaus – Pavillon des Fleurs

Campania Felix – Blanc de Blanc will consist of a presentation and tasting of typical wine products from the various areas and zones of Campania. The focus will be on Campania’s whites and Territories – Consortia – Companies will participate.

  • Cult Enologist, Kurhaus – Kursaal

During Cult Enologist, there will be presentations and tastings of the best wines from 10 internationally renowned cult enologists, with products selected from 50 wineries.

  • Catwalk Rosè, Kurhaus – Kursaal

Catwalk Rosé will be an exhibition within an exhibition, dedicated to Rosé wines and bubbles, with the participation of wineries representing the Rosé wine and bubble wine consortia.

  • Think Tank – Sustainability of the Wine Supply Chain, Digital Event

The theme of Think Tank will be the sustainability of the wine supply chain; a digital event on WineHunterhub, with the participation of universities and institutions.

  • Flower Cocktail &Drink

Flower Cocktail&Drink, one of the very first bartender competitions in 2021 to be held entirely in Italy, will see the best mixologists from Trentino Alto Adige competing to create themed recipes.

Among the 7 names of cult oenologists invited to the event is Dr. Franco Bernabei, founder of Enoproject, which aims to offer wineries not only strictly oenological and viticultural assistance, but also consultancy related to marketing and the development of the entire wine production chain. Over time, Dr Bernabei has won awards for his hard work, such as the ‘Oscar del Vino’ in 2000 for ‘best oenologist’, the ‘Rigoletto d’Argento’ award in 2005, the ‘Mi Wine’ and ‘Bacco D’oro all’enologia’ awards in 2006, and the ‘Dino Casini’ award in 2008. With a skill worthy of King Midas, he has brought many Italian grape varieties to excellence, including our beloved Terzini wines.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Bernabei Group, important business development opportunities are expected for Cantina Terzini. It is clear that the Terzini winery seems to have embarked on a fine path of qualitative growth and intense activity to promote the excellence of its wines, which are now marketed in Italy as well as abroad.

Since 2019, the Terzini company has chosen Xmark, a marketing and communications agency based in Naples, to manage PR and digital PR, including the management of its brand’s social communication. Xmark is also in charge of www.cantinaterzini.it the company’s corporate site and its ecommerce.

“The choice of Xmark as our sole partner for digital and social communication has a strategic value, an articulated planning and objectives with different complexities,” says Roberto Terzini, commercial director of Cantina Terzini. “It is a decision that is part of a broader project, in which the concept of innovation is central: a choice that guarantees us the conception and realisation of digital and creative projects of the highest level and that, at the same time, also allows us to build communication ecosystems that can be easily analysed and measured, with a view to optimising ongoing projects and, last but not least, to building the loyalty of our customers”. “The partnership renewed in 2021 represents for Xmark a further confirmation of the solidity of the relationship of collaboration and mutual trust built with the Terzini family, working together on the definition of the brand’s creative and communication strategies,” says Fabio Buonomo, CEO and digital marketing manager of Xmark.

Among other things, the experience gained in the field, the trials, the mistakes punctually noted down in his little book have given Domenico Terzini, a man who loves to get his hands dirty in the vineyard and in the cellar, a greater awareness of how best to exploit the family’s viticultural heritage. Undoubtedly, the managerial vision of the other brother, Roberto, who, for professional reasons outside the wine industry, is very familiar with the dynamics of network marketing, has contributed to the company’s fame and numbers.

Naturae et Purae 2021, will be integrated with the digital platform WineHunterhub to provide greater visibility and a digital meeting space for producers, visitors, press and wine lovers. In addition to the platform, live feeds will also be broadcast on The Whynery Journal’s live social networks.